Area Repeaters

Location Trustee CTCSS Hz Freq. Notes
Brady WA5HOT 162.2 444.875+ DTMF controllable link to Robert Lee, San Angelo (via Robert Lee), Santa Anna, Coleman. Part of weather link system. For a list of User Control Codes click here.
Brady KC5EZZ 162.2 146.900- Improved coverage.
Doss W5RP 162.2 147.160+ Part of HOTROCS system (hub location).
Eden W5RP 162.2 145.610s Simplex dump into HOTROCS system.
Ballinger WD5FTP None 147.320+ RCARC.
Coleman N5RMO 94.8 444.300+ Part of Weather Link System.
Robert Lee KC5EZZ 162.2 444.225+ Part of Weather Link system.
Robert Lee KF5EI 88.5 147.340+ Part of Weather Link system.
Bangs KB5ZVV 94.8 147.000+ Open repeater.
Brownwood K5BWD 94.8 444.700+ BARC
Brownwood K5BWD 94.8 146.940- BARC
Goldthwaite K5AB 100.0 147.100+ ???

Get a map of the Weather Link System here.