Net Roster

In addition to our regular 2nd Monday meetings, there is an on-the-air net on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. local time on the 146.900 repeater. If the 146.900 repeater is unavailable, the 444.875 repeater will be used. This is helpful to all of us in making sure our rigs are in good working order, as well as giving us the opportunity to train for weather or other emergencies.

As an added bonus of paid membership, each club member has the opportunity to act as Net Control Station operator. It is understandable that you may not be available on your particular date of rotation. If possible, please advise someone in advance to take your place. Likewise, if you need to be permanently removed from rotation, please notify the webmaster.

Here are the current Net Control Station operators. For procedures, please refer to this document.

January 31   Club Officers
February 7   Club Officers
February 14   Meeting Night
February 21   Club Officers
February 28   Club Officers
March 7   Club Officers
March 14   Meeting Night
March 21   Club Officers
March 28   Club Officers
April 4   Club Officers
April 11   Meeting Night
April 18   Club Officers
April 25   Club Officers
May 2   Club Officers
May 9   Meeting Night
May 16   Club Officers
May 23   Club Officers

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