Member Roster

Paid Memberships

  • Mike Barbour, KI5CHT (T)
  • John Dagen, K5JLD (T)
  • Robert Duus, W5RGD (G), President
  • Carey McBride, KI5CHS (T)
  • Clayton Moore, KD5ZMY (T), Secretary/Treasurer
  • Helen Moore, KE5BJJ (T)

Additional Members

  • James Blankenship, K5JEB (T)
  • Bob Brown, KG5BXL (G)
  • Rik Chapman, K5RIK (E)
  • Angelina Deans, KE5CTC (T)
  • Jim Johnson, KF5KDU, (T)
  • Frank Gendusa, KM5QT (A)
  • Marilyn Gendusa, KC5WOA (T)
  • Gary Hardin, N5HKA (E)
  • Karen Hardin, KE5NJQ (G)
  • Daniel Hinman, WM5C (E, VE)
  • Dennita Hinman, KC5UMJ (T)
  • David Huie, K5DGH (G)
  • Josh Huie, KE5JHA (T)
  • Jeff Mays,  AA5JM (E)
  • Rick Melcer, N5KAO (G), (SK)
  • Helen Moore, KE5BJJ (T)
  • Joe Mosier, KF5KDS (T)
  • Joseph Schniers, WO5OD (E)
  • Nelson Solsbery, N5BBQ (T)
  • Diego Subia, KF5YBV (T)
  • Taylor Sutton, KG5JVS (G)
  • Ty Sutton, KG5KVK (T)
  • Tom Swearingen, KT5TLS (T)
  • Ed Williams, K5POC (G)

Club members: If your name and call are missing from this list, please let me know and I will get it corrected.

Full and Family Members will have full voting rights and privileges of membership. Associate members will not have voting rights. Full membership dues were established at $36.00 per year, family and associate membership at $18.00 per year. Family memberships require one member at $36.00 and all subsequent members of the household at $18.00 each. Dues may be revised in the future.