Thank You

On behalf of the membership, I would like to thank Danny Hinman, WM5C, for all of his years of service to the club. Danny served as President for several years and has most recently been maintaining this website. He has also worked beside us for countless hours during Skywarn situations as well as on numerous club projects. We want to wish Danny the best of luck in all of his future endeavors and remind him that we will always have a place for him should he want to come by.

Robert Duus, W5RGD, President



As many of the HOTHOG members have no doubt noticed, my interest in ham radio has dropped off considerably in the past few months. I just have too many other things going in my life at this time.

Therefore I will no longer be maintaining this site. If someone else wishes to do so, please let me know at wm5c @ yahoo . com and I will help you get set up do make updates to the site.

I also plan to stop using my email address soon.

I have also taken myself off the existing net roster as NCS. I may check into the net from time to time, though.

I will, however, maintain my license and some of my equipment and try to be available for any emergency situations that may arise.

Danny, WM5C


June Meeting of Area Hams

The next meeting of the Heart of Texas Ham Operators Group will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2017, at the VFW Hall at Richards Park.

This is the ANNUAL MEETING for the club. Officers will be elected and dues collected.

Hope to see you there!

Local net to follow at 7:30 p.m.